Trans man who paid £10000 for treatment asks for more funding for trans-related healthcare


A transgender man named Taylor addressed NHS saying that the increase of funding will help transgender people to start living their true lives without years of waiting or seeking ways to get immense sums of money to perform similar procedures in private clinics. Cisgender people may not understand it, but for people like Taylor, on whose behalf he speaks, it is literally a question of life and death, because for many transgender people private clinics are unaffordable . And the longer they are forced to live without transition, the more damaged their mental health is, and they become more and more likely to have suicidal thoughts. Taylor finds it ridiculously unfair that people can die of waiting for their state to give them healthcare they need. “I have a lot of respect for the amazing work the NHS does on a daily basis, but the reality is that it is understaffed and underfunded, especially when it comes to transgender issues,” the 20-year-old says, “It’s a lengthy process to see a GIC. After the long wait to be seen in the first appointment, it’s then another long wait to discuss further treatment. I believe if there was more funding and more education, it won’t be under as much of a strain. It would allow transgender people to begin their transitions a lot sooner, without the wait of years and years.”


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