A mother battling to save her late trans daughter’s frozen sperm got temporary reprieve


We’ve already told about this case. A 16-years-old trans girl Ellie Andersondied suddenly previous month. She planned to make gender-affirming surgery when she will be 18. Her mother LouiseAnderson (45)froze daughter’s sperm before hormone therapy. Louise wanted to save his daughter’s sperm because shewanted to have a grandchild from her daughter. So Louise decided to launch a legal bid because she doesn’t want her daughter’s sperm will be destroyed. Louise explained that the biggest wish Ellie was to have a baby.Louise hoped that she finds understanding. Unfortunately, she got a temporary reprieve. Louise wanted to take this case to the highest court in Scotland, that’s why NHS promised not to destroy the sperm till the November 30 to give more time for examining it. “Despite that fact that it is a temporary reprieve, I still have a goal and my goal is still to take this to court”, Louise added.


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