Croatia: Gay couple become first same-sex foster parents


Ivo Šegota and Mladen Kožić became the first same-sex foster parents. But it wasn’t so easy to reach it. They launched a bid because they had to challenge country’s law that bans LGBT couples from having possibility to foster. The court rejected their application 3 years ago. It wasn’t eve took in account that Šegota and Kožić are legal life partners. Since 2017 a couple got a lot of rejections and appeals. Fortunately, they did it right and have results. Šegota and Kožić homed finally two kids a couple of weeks ago. According to the constitutional court verdict, everyone has equal opportunities to foster children. And it doesn’t matter, what their family status is. Head of Rainbow FamiliesDaniel Martinovic is so happy about this ruling and hopes these two kids will have the happiest live having two fathers. He hopes that changes in Croatia are possible. Moreover, Martinovic said that he and community will continue to fight for equality.


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