Only 2 per cent of recent big budget films have included meaningful stories


According to Dr Ellie Lockhart, who is an academic and has a PhD in communications, only 2 per cent of films depicting LGBT stories were released and it’s in the last 10 years. Lockhart tries to analyse films to find out what LGBT films become popular. He analyses queer representation in independent dramas and budget films. Unfortunately, there is a lack of it in films of famous studios. “I found just less than 100 movies from 2010 till today and it out 5,000 movies. And for you to know, it’s just two per cent out of stories including any major LGBT character” academic explained. Lockhart is sure that LGBT representation is very important not only for queer community, but also for straight people. Lockhart tried to found LGBT films and information about it through IMDB and compared such movies to movies without any LGBT motives. So we hope that we can enjoy more LGBT films in the next decade.


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