Bali guesthouses are investigated by authorities for being LGBT-friendly


At least four villas in Bali, Indonesia, are being investigated for “marketing themselves specifically for the gay community”. Bali is one of those Indonesian territories where being gay is not criminalized, but there are still no protections against homophobic discrimination. According to Coconuts Bali, a villa in the beach resort Seminyak attracted the authorities with the reviews on social media. The Facebook page of a villa under the name “Angelo Bali Gay Guesthouse”, which has since been taken down, made headlines for catering to the gay community. Some of the photos shared on the page by the guesthouse reportedly featured photos of gay male couples, and on TripAdvisor it is described as “a small, luxurious, all-men, clothing-optional gay guesthouse”. The villa is no longer working and the reason why it closed was not explained. Since then, authorities have said that three other villas in Seminyak and Kerobokan are also catering to the LGBT+ community.


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