Presidential election: Voter ID laws could disenfranchise trans people


Are you sure that you will vote in the presidential 2020 election? Unfortunately, you can face high barriers. According to Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law study, almost 400, 000 transgender people don’t have any ID documents, what means that they couldn’t vote. So these voters cannot prove their gender identity. Besides that transgender people cannot vote because they have any ID document, there is also a barrier for them because pool workers can challenge them; they can decide that appearance doesn’t match at all. “If a poll worker decides that those IDs don’t adequately reflect the person in front of him, a person wouldn’t be able vote,”Jody Herman, a co-author of the study, said. He added that he has no idea how poll workers will treat queer people in cases when their ID picture and name will not reflect their gender. The truth is sad, but we hope everyone will be able to vote.


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