Gay travel guide in Europe for beginners


Europe has a lot places to offer for LGBT tourists. It is actually the most popular gay destination in the whole world. Why? Europe is a blend of history and culture, cities and countrysides, clubs, bars and restaurants. That’s why millions of gay people come to Europe to spend their holidays there. If you’ve never travelled to Europe, here are some tips for you.
If you adore beaches and water than book a couple of days in the best gay hotels of Sitges (Spain), Ibiza, Mykonos or Gran Canaria.
Some people advice to start your first Europe trip form London as this city should be at the top of any gay person’s holiday list. London has a vibrant gay scene.Moreover, people are very LGBT friendly there.
There are some LGBT friendly destinations: Madrid (best Prides and passion), Vienna (stunning nature), Berlin (hot gay scene), Reykjavik (glaciers and volcanoes) and Paris (elegant and romantic city perfect for honeymoon).


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