Same-sex couple didn’t ‘celebrate the world’s first anal birth’


One story shocked people on social media; it had a title “A same-sex couple celebrates the very first anal birth.” As it was revealed before, a man had rectal ovary transplant, so it made possible to give a birth. It was published on World News Daily Report that is actually a fake news website. It was read that a same-sex couple from Los Angeles has given anal birth to an 8.2-pound baby and it is the first time in history. It was a big surprise for LGBT community because it is believed that modern medicine has no limits. The article read: “37-years-old James Bent got ovaries from his 32-years-old sister. Ovaries were transplanted into James’s rectum what made anal birth possible.” Moreover, there is a picture where 2 men hold their newborn. Later was found out that it is a picture of surrogate birth. Fake news is everywhere, so we need to find real proofs first before reposting some news from Facebook, Twitter etc.


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