Here are three bisexual stars that made this world a better place


As we know, LGBT community celebrates Bisexual Awareness Week. LGBT community consists of 40% bisexual people. The thing is that they will be ignored and their sexuality overlooked. That’s why people started to celebrate #BiWeek because people need to know more about bisexuals. We decided to celebrate achievements of some bisexual celebrities who make our world better.
Kristen Stewart (29), an actor, struggled to understand who she really is and later she realized that she is bisexual. Stewart expresses her sexuality while working and does it right.Halsey (25), songwriter and singer, fights for bisexuality in her music. Many her songs are about bisexuality. Moreover, she is an activist who tries to support LGBT community every time she can.Rita Ora (29), songwriter and singer,supports queer community as well. Thanks to her song “Girls” she could open her truth to her fans. “I have experience of being in romantic relationship with both menand women. So need to say it is my personal journey,” Rita explained.


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