Trump adviser told a queer girl on the edge of suicide to become straight


A teen girl who was attracted to girls belonged to an evangelical church where it was highly condemned. She felt so guilty and ashamed of who she was that she started to consider taking her own life. As she always found hope and support in the church, she came to her church minister asking him what she should do. The answer was “change your sexuality”. If only it could be possible, she would never ever come to him, as she would never ever have these destructive thoughts – she would just push that secret button in her brain. Click – and she is not the one she used to be. But as many other evangelicals, that church minister just did not understand that changing sexuality is the same as changing your eye color. It is a quite common story for the parish of the protestant churches. But what makes it significant is that now this church minister has a position of the President’s adviser. Robert Jeffress, a Fox News contributor, is a part of the White House Faith Initiative since 2016. The story about his parish member named Susan happened in 2004. Robert Jeffress does not deny it and says that the only thing he regrets about is that Susan “did not repent in her sin”.


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