Colombia sees 63 LGBT people killed in first eight months of 2020


The horrific statistics; 63 queer people were murdered in Columbia and it’s during the first 8 months of the current year. Moreover, the number of hate crimes and murders increased during pandemic time. Among victims are 12 gays, 17 trans women, 1 trans man, 6 lesbians. Gender identities of other victims haven’t been specified. According to the country’s human rights ombudsman, the number ofprejudiceduring pandemic time increased as well as obstacles making justice possible. Moreover, around 400 violence cases were noticed from January 1 till the end of August. For you to compare: 310 cases of violence were noticed during the whole previous year. There were also around 40 cases of policeaggression. Bogotá, capital of the country, introducedpico y géneropolicy, with the aim to limit the number of people on the streets; women could go out on even-numbered days, men on odd-numbered days.


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