Dawn Butler on possible Labour leadership, gay giraffes and trans inclusion


Dawn Butler launched her bid to become the Labour Party’s deputy leader. She hopes to rise against the current government, which postpones Gender Recognition Act and which is led by Boris Johnson, who allows himself hateful remarks when the hate crime rates reach the record high in the country. She personally never categorizes people and believes in absolute equality. She says it is even easier for her to fight for someone else’s rights than for her own. One of her BFFs (since childhood and up until now) is gay, and she was the only friend of his who congratulated him with his coming out, while there were many who preferred to cut ties. As for her scandalous gay giraffes row, she found it “bloody hilarious” when the media started targeting her because of this. “You know they really tried! They got scientists involved, it was discussed on the Victoria Derbyshire show, it was all mad. But the interesting thing was all these all these people with sort of long titles, started talking about the animal kingdom and how sexuality exists in the animal kingdom and started talking about all these animals,” she told PinkNews, adding that even though she did not clarify that the motives for homosexual behavior among giraffes differ from a same-sex love of two humans, she is still proud of her speech because it at least inspired people to do the research on the issue and to learn more about what it means to be gay.


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