Hong Kong court has refused to legalise equal marriage, again


A Hong Kong courtpassed two sentences connected with LGBT rights: one win and one loss. The first decision High Court was in favour of gay Edgar Ng, another against same-sex couple who wanted to tie a knot. Edgar Ng received the right to have equal home ownership with husband. Their marriage wasn’t lawful recognised by the court and Ng found out that his husband Henry has no possibility to inherit his home. That’s why Edgar applied for court review. On the 18th of September it became known about court refusal of recognizing the equal marriage of same-sex couple. It was a case of Jimmy Sham who wanted to marry his partner. Unfortunately, there are many couple who want legalization of their marriage. It seems to be that people can’t hope for marriage equality in the country in the near future. LGBT activists continue to fight for their rights. They want chief justice to cooperate.


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