Lady Samara threatens to kill her daughter if she comes out as gay


Tunisian beauty influencer Lady Samara called queer people mentally sick perverts. Moreover, she said it having more gays among her followers. Lady Samara has 500,000 followers on Instagram and 250,000 on YouTube. Beauty influencer decided to share homophobic rant that lasts 25 minutes. Of course, it caused sparking outrage. Lady Samara said she hates when 2 men are kissing, when women having sex. Moreover, it’s disgusting act for her and she’ll never understand it. “It’s horrible when gays are trying to brainwash our children to become gays,” she added. She explained that new generation is in danger because kids and teens see homosexuality everywhere and thinks it is normal. Tunisian beauty influencer called for stopping this phenomenon. Lady Samara said if her daughter comes out as gay one day, she’ll kill her. This homophobic rant became the reason of a petition that demands to remove Lady Samara’s account and it has already more than 9,000 signatures.


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