Russian neo-Nazi who kidnapped and tortured gay teens found dead in prison cell


Police found dead Russian neo-NaziMaxim Martsinkevich in prison cell.According to Russian authorities, Martsinkevichcommitted suicide.Maxim Martsinkevich was also known as Tesak [Machete]. Moreover, Tesak was the leader of a homophobic groupOccupy Paedophilia. As it found out, Occupy Paedophilia kidnapped gays who were searching for sex with adult people. They did horrible things: group members took victims to unknown place, tortured, humiliated them, stripped them to underwear, beat them. It was all recorded and photographed. Occupy Paedophilia had their own trademark: they shaved victims’ heads and painted them in colors of rainbow. Maxim Martsinkevich has been arrested in Cuba 6 years ago. Some years later, Martsinkevich was extraditedto Russian prison. Martsinkevich’s lawyer is sure that it’s not suicide. He said he proves that someone helped him.


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