Trans woman did not leave her home for months because of violence threats


Ajda Ender, is a transgender woman based in Istanbul, Turkey. She began her transition in 2005, and since then she could not go to work or to a supermarket without hateful slurs yelled at her. It all lasted for years, but she did not report about it up until the abusers crossed the line. At least she thought they did, but as the criminal complaint was filed, she found out how far they could actually go – they turned her life into hell. She was so terrified by their threats to kill her or to throw acid in her face that she locked herself in her apartment for months. Neighbors of Ajda Ender, who lives with her mother, were forced to call the local authorities after transphobes increased their threats, but they complained on her rather than attempting to help. The threats have also snarled her small-scale textile business, being that her materials are in her home. Forcing her to flog her clothing on social media, she left her home and now hides in her friend’s house.


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