Church depicts Jesus as genderqueer with breasts and make-up


A Sunday school for kids in Iceland depicted Jesusas genderqueer. Later, they realized their mistake and apologized for it. Evangelical Lutheran Church made a poster with Christ having rose cheeks, beard, make-up and breasts. This poster was shared first on a Facebook page, later on public buses. But some days later, poster got considerable backlash, so it will be removed. According to the Church, they are so sorry for depicting Jesus in such way that it hurt many people, they had another intention: they just wanted to emphasisediversity. A media representativePetur Georg Markan supports Church: he is sure Churchshould represent various forms of Jesus. “There are many sorts of people, we are diverse and we need to train ourselves to talk about Jesus as being ‘all sorts’ in this context,” Markan explained. Markan said it is so important that people see themselvesin Jesus.


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