JK Rowling links to shop selling anti-trans f**k your pronouns’ merch


The silence of JK Rowling’s Twitter was finally broken. Author made no comment about her book Troubled Blood. After she released her new book that also was under fire, she posted her new purchase; it was a T-shirt with lettering “This witch doesn’t burn”. Rowling shared a link. It was a link of the Wild Womyn Workshop web store. Rowling used hashtag#supportwomenrunbusinesses. Yes, there is no problem with a T-shirt, but people know Wild Womyn Workshop as anti-trans one. This shop uses anti-transmerchandise like “Lesbians don’t even have penises”, “Women are erased by trans-ideology”, “F**k your pronouns” etc. This shop’s website belongs to Angela C. Wild who, in her turn, is better known as co-founder of a lesbian separatist and anti-transgroup called Get the L Out. Despite of Angela C. Wild’s critics, Rowling says she supports community and its right, but she continues to promoteanti-transgroup.


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