Lady Gaga almost passed out in a ‘gimp suit’ on the set of ‘911’


Dress code of stars they need to wear in video clips can be really dangerous. But it seems to be so cool.So Lady Gaga almost fainted while directing her video “911”. Singer had fetish-wear on. Tarsem Singh, the director of “911” said that Gaga’s erotic, gimp, asphyxiation suit made her almost faint while directing the video in Spain. Moreover, it was in heat what made everything more difficult. According to Singh, the temperature was 118 degrees there. “After zipping Lady Gaga up and having three takes, she was has already passed out,” Singh added. She wanted to stop it, but the director needed one more take. Singh understood how difficult for Gaga it was and decided to stop it. He just had to make a cut from previous takes. Disco song “911” was named after US emergency services and depicts the real trauma Lady Gaga had in her life. From the lyrics we learn about star’s mental health.


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