Mum of Britain’s biggest rapist says they are a Christian family and don’t believe in homosexuality


The mother of Reynhard Sinaga, the ‘most prolific rapist’ in British history hardly believed in her son’s crimes because she had brought him up in ‘good Christian values’. Sinaga’s mother Normawati revealed that she did not even know her son was gay, saying that the family her baby grew up in ‘does not believe’ in homosexuality at all. She flew to the UK from Indonesia over to visit her son after his arrest in 2017. Reynhard Sinaga was in hospital after his final victim regained consciousness during his ordeal and beat him up. Despite everything, she remembers her son as a “quiet boy” who “never had a fight with anyone”, who played the piano and attended every single church sermon, so she initially believed the story to be made up. Before his conviction his mother begged him to return to his home country, but he told her he wanted to follow his ambition of becoming a lecturer. “He said Indonesia was not a good place to live for him and he felt comfortable living in Manchester,” she said, adding that he had “fallen in love” with the city.


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