UK rapper Mr. Strange raps about being gay and dealing with homophobes


The five-minute video was released on the YouTube channel of RedStarRecords, also known as BL@CKBOX. Mr. Strange was filmed in a recording studio, where his song is devoted to the abuse he personally faced because of his sexuality. A clip posted by the SpotlightFirst Twitter account featured the most poignant verse, where he swings about all the negativity brought in his life since he came out, but later thanks for all the support given to him and concludes that there is no regret. This is a common experience among many LGBT+ people, who find that coming out and potentially losing friends or family over it is very difficult to cope with. Many have praised Mr Strange’s decision to rap about his sexuality. Unfortunately, Mr Strange has received a barrage of inappropriate and offensive comments on his social media platforms in response to this video.


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