Chicago: Boystown changes its name to be more inclusive


Boystown change its name. Officials decided to change town’s name to make it more inclusive. There is no Boystown anymore, so welcome to Northalsted! Officials said they will tear down all the Boystownbanners. Instead of them you can see banners beaming “Chicago’s Proudest Neighbourhood”. Officials explained this new banner will finally kill old name that was popular already 30 year, because campaigners are sure old name excludes some queer people like non-binary and queer ladies. According to the survey made by the Northalsted Business Alliance, 59% out of 7,900 people wanted to leave the old name, Boystown. But 2 in 10 explained this old name makes them feel unwelcomed there. Jen Gordon from Northalsted Business Alliance said that 2 in 10 are enough to make some changes because when people feel unwelcomed in their own town, it’s not okay. “Many people face racism, transphobia and sexism, so we have to change it,”Gordon added.


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