Emmerdale brothers Max Parker and Kris Mochrie confirm relationship


Yes, brothers from Emmerdale are not brothers in real life, you knew it. Kris Mochrie and his “brother” Max Parkerconfirmed that they are a couple. According to Daily Mirror, relationships Max and Krisstarted from Emmerdaleset. Moreover, they have already had vacation together. There were rumours from the end of July that they are together. Max and Kris shared also a picture on Instagram of them soaking wet. “It’s so cool to meet a person through work. I don’t want to jinx things. I wonder to see how it goes,” Kris Mochrie (34) explained. Mochrie told about her understanding of homosexuality. He said he was sure in his childhood that homosexuality kills masculinity. But now he changed his mind. He wishes he could go back and tell him young Kris that it is okay. Kris came out in the age of 31. Now he is sure that people should be who they want because it makes us happy.


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