No charges for parents who forced daughter into conversion therapy


It’s wrong when people don’t take responsibility for their actions. Parents of bisexual daughtertortured her at conversion therapies, but they will not unfortunately face any criminal charges. Aminat Lorsanova (22) is a daughter of conservative Muslim parents. She told that her father’s friend beat her with a stick while her father was reading Quran. It was in Grozny(Chechnya) and Lorsanova said it lasted around four months. After that she spent around one month at a psychiatric clinic. Moreover, her father injected her with an antipsychotic medication. “My dad put handcuffs. He tied my legs and mouth with tape that was adhesive. Then dad told me that he will treat me like an animal, like a sheep,” Lorsanova added. It’s horrible, but her father didn’t even unleash her legs and hands after injecting. After this horror LorsanovafledChechnya. Russian LGBT Network helped her. At the beginning of this year, Lorsanova wanted authoritiesinitiate proceedings against parents, but Chechnya’s Ministry of Internal Affairsrefused in opening a criminal case.


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