Politician from a small town who wanted to ban the word ‘homosexuality’ dropped the bill


A Republican senator from the town of Snowflake in Arizona has backtracked on a bill that would erase the word ‘homosexuality’ from the school curriculum in sex and relationships classes. The bill would also prevent children under 12 from receiving any form of sex education, and require all curricula to be available for public comment for at least 60 days before an adoption from a school board. But Snowflake senator Sylvia Allen backtracked on the bill. Democratic lawmakers were vocal in their opposition of Allen’s bill, including Arizona’s state superintendent of public education, Kathy Hoffman, who warned it would inevitably bring a wave of lawsuits. Now Allen says that the bill was misinterpreted as the aim of it was to make it clear for parents what their children learn at schools. She said in a statement: “Several news outlets have reported that my bill … prohibits the inclusion of homosexuality as part of any chosen curricula. They are misinterpreting the language. That was absolutely not my intention”.


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