Lesbian couple’s romantic Facebook Post censored for “adult content”


Facebook jokes sometimes. Lesbian couple Sera Golding-Young and her wife Frankie posted a picture on their Facebook page. This picture was cute; women just leaned their heads against each other. This picture (in video) was meant to promote their new album Unsung Lilly. But Facebook decided this picture is for adults and censored it. Sera and Frankie were shocked because they paid Facebook to promote this video as sponsored. Facebook explained that this video rejects community’s guidelines. Later, women decided to post an identical image depicting a straight couple and there was no problem with that. Women were sure that Facebook made a mistake and deleted their picture, so they decided to seek appeals and to resubmit this advertisement several times; rejection again. “We understood that it’s connected with our romantic picture. However, we used this picture for all our profile photos in different platforms,” Sera explained. ACLU [The American Civil Liberties Union] supported a lesbian couple and contacted Facebook claiming that this rejection wasn’t correctly.


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