Priest is sacked from church for taking pictures of the high school wrestlers


Reverend Thomas A Derzack, 70, was caught taking photos in the Bethlehem Catholic High School gym during a wrestling tournament without ther consent. One of the attendees of the tournament noticed the priest’s behavior and reported to the police as she found it suspicious. He agreed to delete the photos of the high school wrestlers and left the premises immediately after, but was not arrested because there was no reason for it from the point of view of the law – the photos did not show anything inappropriate and did not violate anybody’s privacy as they were taken in a public place. However, the act was deemed to be “disturbing” by the Northampton County District Attorney but not “criminal”. The diocese decided that the priest should be removed for violating acceptable behavior standards outlined by the church. Derzack will face a full criminal investigation and an independent panel will decide whether the removal is permanent.


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