Dolly Parton and Patti LaBelle use acrylic nails as instruments in iconic clip


Are you sitting at home sad? We know how to cheer you up! Just see a video of Patti LaBelleand Dolly Parton playing music by using their acrylic nailsas instruments. Dolly Parton is known for her dancing show Dolly in 1987. Now you can enjoy her video with LaBelle where they sing and play their nails as music instrument. They are just sitting in 1980s-style dresses and discuss music. Parton said if she would have a guitar she would write more songs. But she also said she has a little rhythm that they can do with their acrylic nails. She clicked her acrylic nails together so that it provided a beat. Then LaBelle does the same and they start making this beat and singing their iconic song. Their clip brought fans joy. It is not the first time Dolly used nails to make the beat. Her clip “9 to 5” [1980] was recorded also with the help of her acrylic nails. Moreover, she did the same in 2019 when she was performing at Jimmy Fallon show.


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