Gay former Tory candidate suggests there should have been less LGBT MPs

Iain Dale, LBC presentor and journalist arrives to support and speak to campaign group, Campaign Against Antisemitism, Jewish community groups and their supporters as they stage a protest in Parliament Square, London, England on July 19, 2018 against the Labour Party anti-semitism code following the partys announcement that it will take action against Dame Margaret Hodge MP for calling Jeremy Corbyn an antisemite. (photo by Vickie Flores/In Pictures via Getty Images Images)

Gay former Tory candidate and journalist Iain Dale has said that the LGBT representation in the British parliament is balancing on a thin line between ‘enough’ and ‘too much’. Dale – who is a presenter on LBC Radio and a former Tory candidate – made the comments in a YouTube interview with David Atkins. I this interview Dale said that the British parliament is the gayest in the world (which is statistically correct) and gay MPs are very close to the point when they might face accusations of being over-represented. Dale also reflected on his own election campaign as a Conservative candidate in 2005, noting that gay people were “a bit of an oddity” in politics at that time, but such a big amount of LGBT MPs (note: he never said it is bad, but it could attract more haters to the Parliament) is a sign that less and less people care about the issue the way it was when Dale himself served as an MP.


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