Matt Walsh pundit says no “grown man” should use emojis


Matt Walsh, a pundit from “Society has progressed past the need for men”, is sure that only women and kids should use emojis. Walsh said that adult men who respect themselves would never use these icons. Some people think a man should only do things connected with his iron masculinity. “I as muse that emojis are only for women and kids. Not for men. Unfortunately, I see more and more grown men using this stupid emojis and there’s no excuse for it. Our grandfathers would have been murdered for using them,”Walsh explained. After sharing his point of view on Twitter, his followers started to lob thousands of emojis at him. Walsh wrote later that he will lead the emoji resistance and it will be the biggest bloodiest fight of this time. Maybe, he is just joking. But it’s not the first time he says something about transgender people. He has already told that trans people are people who have sexual deviancy.


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