Politician says the word ‘cisgender’ is newly-invented and too politicized


Kenneth Gibson demands not to use the word ‘cisgender in the Scottish national census because he has learnt about it only a few months ago. Gibson also accused National Records Scotland (NRS), the body that runs the census, of having an “agenda” with its attempt to get more statistic data about the transgender population of the country. Pete Whitehouse, NRS director of statistical services, said the body was “trying to use language that is understood that is not seen to be in any way pejorative or demeaning or insulting”. But Mr. Gibson calls it a contested politicized term most Scotts are unaware of. However, even those cisgender Scotts who did not know that they are cisgender have probably heard the word ‘transgender’, and if these two words are introduced as an opposition in the census, they will definitely guess the meaning of the unfamiliar one.


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