Jeffree Star accuses boyfriend of robbing him


Controversial YouTuber and make-up artist Jeffree Starclaimed his partner Andre Marhold robbed Jeffree. Moreover, Marhold (who is a basketball player) continues ignoring Jeffree’s call after robbing. Jeffree said Marhold is “lowlife scum” in a screenshot by Hip Magazine that has been already deleted. Jeffree and Andre Marhold went public about their love in August this summer. YouTuber shared a picture on Instagram; it was a picture of him sitting on the NBA player’s Marholdlap.Jeffree’s company Morphe was claimed of racism ad dropped before. “Hey, you lowlife f**king scum! I see you can’t answer your phone right now, so please can you give me back all my stuff you stole from my house?” Jeffree wrote on his Instagram. NeitherMarhold, nor Jeffree commented this situation anymore. However, it’s not the first, and of course not the last scandal connected with make-up artist. To be continued…


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