Trans teen banned from school because of the male dress code


A school in Louise (Texas) kicked out a trans teenager. Sanay Martinez can only turn back to school if she will wear male clothing because male dress code is obligatorythere. After Martinez came out as transgender, school prohibited her to use female clothing. Moreover, school administrators demanded Martinez should cut her hair and take out her earrings. If she doesn’t agree, she cannot return.Sanay Martinez was a typical student who had a lot of friends there, but after this ban she feels herself like a pariah. She would return school with great pleasure but she said she doesn’t feel welcome there. Sanay wants to transfer to another school 10 miles away (El Campo). Her close friend Alexis Mendoza supports her and considers transferring too. Girls are upset because their school is unable to respect them. Martinez has already come out as gay, but her didn’t school accepted it. But when she came out as trans, it changed everything. She hopes someday students of any race, gender or sexuality can visit school.


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