Donald Trump’s new campaign adviser believes that God punishes gay people with HIV/AIDS


Anti-LGBT+ extremist Jenna Ellis is a right-wing news pundit and former constitutional law attorney. She is known for repeatedly condemning ‘homosexual lifestyle’ and criticizing the ‘LGBT agenda’. Moreover, she believes that if a gay man has HIV and it later develops into AIDS, then it is nothing but a confirmation that ‘the moral law of God’ is working. She also said that f Christians accept homosexuality or are gay themselves then they cannot follow God. Trump appointed her for the senior role as he was impressed by Ellis’ TV appearances, Axios reported. He also indicated that he wanted to give her a bigger job, and his team briefly discussed bringing her into the White House. Ellis has actively worked against conversion therapy bans, testifying in 2019 at a Colorado House committee hearing against a bill protecting youth from the harmful and discredited practice.


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