Gay women are more likely to divorce than gay men, experts try to explain why


Lisa Power, one of the co-founders of Stonewall, told The Economist that the number of lesbian couples getting divorced might have something to do with being in a rush in relationships – women want to move together as soon as possible, to marry as soon as possible and so on. They are in a hurry in every aspect of their relationships, so they burn out as quickly as they started. Ayesha Vardag, president of divorce firm Vardags, also told The Economist that she believes this might be because women are less likely to forgive their partners for being unfaithful. After questioning more than 25,000 people in the UK and over 9,000 in Australia two years ago, researchers found that gay and lesbian couples are better off. However, bisexual people suffered from worse relationships, on average, than straight or gay people. So, in general same-sex couples are more likely to have long-term relationships than straight couples.


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