Grindr hack: Security flaw meant accounts could be hijacked with email address


Your social media can be only hacked with your email address. It happened to Grindr. Wassime Bouimadaghene [security researcher from France] exposed this hack what made security expertsdocumented it. Bouimadaghene found out that hackers can simply steal Grindr account only when they request password reset. What does it mean? If hacker has user’s email address, he can send email to reset his password. So it’s not a big problem to stealGrindr account so that hackers receive access to personal information (photo, massages, sexual orientation and even HIV status). Though Bouimadaghene contacted social media to alert that they have security flaw, Grindr hasn’t responded yet. He contacted also the creator of Have I Been PwnedTroy Hunt.Have I Been Pwned is a platform that helps people to found out if they were hacked. Hunt could takeoverScott Helme’s (security expert) account and login.


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