Jacinda Ardern vows to ban conversion therapy


It’s a good idea foran election campaign: to ban conversion therapy and to reform gender law. Such promises were made by the prime minister of New ZealandJacinda Ardern (40). She said people re-elect her, she will ban this practice that causes trauma. Moreover, she promised to reintroduce a gender self-identification bill. Election in New Zealand will take place on the 17th of October.Ardern said she will do everything possible and her Labour party bans conversion therapy. Though she hasn’t implemented it during her 1st term because of the mixedmember electoral system. “I am sure conversion therapy is a damaging activity and it should behappening in our country,” Ardern said. “It will be on our agenda and I hopeother parties of our parliament will support it,” she added. She promised to do what she can to make it possible. Well, we’ll see.


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