Gynecology health charity is no longer women-only


A British gynecological health charity has dropped the word ‘women’ from its name to acknowledge transgender and non-binary people who can require gynecological treatment tough they do not identify as women. The Birmingham-based company changed its registered name from “Cysters – Women’s Support and Awareness Group” to simply “Cysters”. A non-profit organization created by Neelamn Heera in 2015, the founder took to Twitter to explain that the aim was to create a safe and accepting space for everybody. Trans men and non-binary people who give birth are often left out of conversations about pregnancy, with some women claiming that including these minority groups would have been disrespectful towards cisgender womanhood. Activists note that just a small change in language when it comes to discussing pregnancy and reproduction can be life-changing for trans men and non-binary folk


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