Lesbian astrologist on queer community and the power of Zodiac


Chani Nicholas, an LA-based astrologist who is married to a woman, feels that qu7eer people feel different about astrology in comparison to her cis and straight clients, because queer people are more likely to look at themselves from the alternative, often surreal, perspectives. It is a way for them to escape social; and religious condemnation and rejection. But the world of astrology as not always been welcoming LGBT people with open arms, Nicholas emphasized. “Astrology is taught by human beings and human beings are really flawed and grow up in systems that are not great,” she said, “So there’s definitely been a lot of astrological knowledge passed down that was very heterosexist, very white supremacist, very cis-gendered. That definitely has existed in the past.” But now she claims to have found her space where she feels completely liberated, and now she tries to interest more LGBT people in astrology.


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