Queer Polish men undress against homophobia


14 queer men have stripped for Elska, a gay indie publication in Poland, to provide a positive possibility model in response of the homophobic tendencies that became even more common for the queer-unfriendly country in the wake of the presidential election. In apartment kitchens sprouting with houseplants, outside cold, concrete buildings and wrapped teasingly in lace curtains, the men posed for Liam Campbell, who is not only a photographer but also an editor for this publication. The ‘Warsaw issue’, the magazine’s 27th, dives deep into the double lives the Polish gay men спросила are made to live, as they can be truly themselves only in their homes, behind closed doors, where nobody can see them. This is where they put their masks off (and this is what Campbell represented picturing them nude). The rest of their lives is hiding, lying and pretending. Together, they form a vivid kaleidoscope of what it means to be queer within the “new era of Polish homophobia,” the release added.


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