Eric Trump: My father saved Christianity


As we know, President’s son Eric Trumpbecame a member of the LGBT community. Later he told that his father saved Christianity. Eric Trump is better known as the second-worst President’s son. Eric came out on Fox and Friends. It happened on the 29th of September. But it was mistakenly. Later he explained he just misspoke. He understood that he needs to shore up father’s votesamong conservative citizens so he made wild claim: “My father has literally saved Christianity,”Eric said. He added that Democratic Party wants liquor stores to be open at night; they also want to close churches. It is clear that his gripe can be explained with church closures because of Coronavirus. We know that Donald Trump don’t like religious supporters and even speaks with cynicism about that. So Eric’s attempts to say his father saved Christianity make any sense. It’s not a secret that President ridicules conservatives.


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