Britney Spears doesn’t want to perform ever again


BritneySpears; Court hearing took place on the 7th of October. Britney’s attorney Sam Ingham said she has as much agency as a “coma patient”. Singer is under conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears. As we know, Toxic singer want’s to regain personal autonomy after being 10 years in conservatorship. While hearing judge asked about Britney’s request for a co-conservator, about her performing etc. A judge wanted Spears to sign a declaration with her wishes, but Ingham denied explaining it that “her capability to sign documentsis comparable to that of a patient being in a coma”. Moreover, Ingham said that even coma patient has a lawyer who can speak on his behalf. It came clear that Spears doesn’t want to perform anymore but her father doesn’t agree. According to a judge, the discussion will continue later. Fans are upset because Britney doesn’t want perform ever again. But we hope, she gets better and we will able to visit her concerts again.


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