Kristen Stewart had ‘latent’ shame about her sexuality


Bella from the Twilight told that she identifies herself with her latest character. She explained how experience as young queer woman she had. Stewart plays Abby in her ‘gay Christmas rom-com’ Happiest Season. Abby wants to propose to girlfriend Harper played by Mackenzie Davis. Abby plans to do it while celebrating Christmas holiday. She finds out that her girlfriend hasn’t come out to her parents yet. Stewart said she had similar situation in her real life; one person couldn’t acknowledge who hewas and another one has already accepted her. “I’ve never felt shame, but this story isn’t far away from me,” Kristen said. She told she was asked in the age of 21 if she was a lesbian. But it wasn’t easy to give her to the public. 21 was the age when Stewart was a little bit cagey. Twilight star explained she media invaded her, so she understands what does pressure means for LGBT people. But now she is proud to support other people and to show this story. So we are waiting for the release on November 25.


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