Kyiv skyscraper flies 140-metre tall rainbow flag


One of the tallest buildings in Kyiv was projected by Pride Flag. Its heightis 140 meter. This Pride flag was projected with intention to support LGBT people who face homophobia that spreads in the eastern part of Europe. 35-storeyed shopping center Gulliver Mall is covered with pride colors every evening from the 5th till 11th October. If you are in Kyiv, you can enjoy it every eveningfrom 6.30pm till 10.00pm: rainbow flag and motto “It’s good to be different together!” is projected on the face of Gulliver Mallevery 5 minutes. Ukrainian Empire State is another building that is projecting his flag into shopping center. Gulliver Mall is so tall that people can see it from any part of city center. With Pride Flag projection people wanted to celebrate International Coming Out Day (October, 11) and Pride Month in Ukraine. Director of the KyivPride NGORuslana Panukhnyk said it’s important for LGBT community to stay together under all circumstances.


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