President of Taiwan is hit with fake homophobic news in the wake of elections


The president of Taiwan, who led the country to legalizing same-sex marriage, has been battling a wave of homophobic fake news as the country is to face elections soon. Ing-wen is battling a wave of fake media reports as her potential rivals are trying to create a negative image of her in the eyes of Taiwanese. One post circulating states that the DPP has sponsored, and spent NT$30 million (£760,000) organizing, this year’s Pride parade in Taipei, with photos of naked men walking on the streets. Taipei-based analyst at the University of Nottingham’s Taiwan studies programme posted a picture of a leaflet being distributed in Yunlin, which suggests that if voters want grandchildren they should not vote for Ing-wen or the DPP. Other posts, according to Quartz, state that Ing-wen herself is a closeted lesbian, and the key argument was an absence of husband.


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