China is closer to recognizing same-sex marriages


A body of the county’s highest level of state power, the National People’s Congress, has publicly acknowledged petitions to legally approve same-sex couples’ right to marry. It does not mean that marriage equality is already legalized and it does not guarantee it will be, but it is already a silver lining foe LGBT Chinese. It was reported on the Chinese news site Ifeng that Yue Zhongming, spokesman for the commission for legislative affairs of the National People’s Congress standing committee, acknowledged for the first time petitions from the public in favor of marriage equality. Homosexuality was decriminalized in China in 1997 but the subject is still taboo in many areas, and a human rights report in November 2019 showed that LGBT+ people in China are being forced to undergo so-called ‘conversion therapy’ in at least 96 public hospitals. Let alone private centers with no medical licenses.


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