Conversion therapy: Student ordered to pay $800 over failed lawsuit


Adam Dobson, who is already a former student of Milton Hersheys school, downloaded gay porn and it led to conversion therapy. He had to watch conversion therapy video with anti-queer pastor Sy Rogers. The video lasted one hour. But video was not enough; he had to listen to prayer sessions and school workers wanted him to change his sexual orientation. According to the judge John E. Jones III, this treatment wasn’t a conversion therapy and the lawsuit was dismissed. A former student was forced to pay $800 to cover legal fees of Milton Hersheys School. The thing is that Dobson has possibility to contest the fee. There was one more lawsuit connected with Adam Dobson; he accused his parents they tried to engage him in gay conversion therapy. One more student told about the same experience of conversion therapy. The judge was also sure that that video has nothing in common with conversion therapy.


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