Gay couple hospitalized after a gang attack in Spain

SEVILLE, SPAIN - JUNE 29: LGTB caravan on Gay Pride Day in Seville , Protesters walk and celebrate the international day of Homosexual , Lesbian and transsexual rights celebrating the LGTB party on June 29, 2019 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by David Carbajo/Getty Images)

A gay couple from France ended their Spanish vacation in a hospital. The incident occurred on January 5, in Torremolinos, a town near Malaga, on the coast of Spain. There were 4 attackers, they all were relatively young. They beat the men savagely and yelled hate slurs, so the victims are sure that it was a hate crime and they were attacked simply because they were gay. The incident left both men with multiple blows to their bodies. The couple are middle-aged and are originally from the southern French city of Perpignan. One of the victims is a doctor and has said that he is unsure he will be able to continue practicing due to the injuries he has received during this assault. The attack occurred in the area of Cuesta del Tajo, just a stone’s throw from the beach in Torremolinos. They will file a legal complaint as soon as they get to the boarder.


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