Two-spirit doctor devoted his life to helping trans people


Canadian doctor helps transgender people and teaches them that in the culture of Native Americans gender and sexuality have always been used, and the term ‘two-spirit’, an umbrella covering numerous aspects of the spectrum we now call LGBT+, has been used by them for centuries. Doctor James Makokis came out as gay at 17-years-old to a father who struggled to accept him. Now 37, Makokis is a First Nations family doctor from Saddle Lake Cree Nation. He learnt to embrace his two-spirit identity (as he is a Native and attracted to men, this term is applied to him too) and teaches his patients to do the same towards the way they identify, especially the youth (and ther0e is a rather high percentage of young patients). “I thought if I practiced trans medicine I will be working to address this issue of homophobia, transphobia that has come to exist in our nations now … and help to empower two-spirit people to belong again,” Makokis said.


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