Ariana Grande: God is a gay man


Finally! This vaccine needs everyone. We are talking about Ariana’s new album. Ariana Grande announced yesterday that her 6th album coming in a couple of weeks. “This is the vaccine we so truly need,” fans screamed. Really, during pandemic time we need something for making our hearts beat. And new Ariana’s album is exactly what we need now. Singer shared a Tweet saying “I can’t wait to give you all my new album this month”. This announcement made all the queer men to ascend into the heavens. Fans are so happy. They all write supportive Tweets: “This is really the best thing I have read in the past 10 months”, “People, check on me because I can’t breathe”, “This month? I can’t believe it!” etc. We knew about some clues of new album. Ariana has already mentioned that she was working on her new album while encouraging people to vote. She has downloaded a part of her song “brb”.


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